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Renovation & Restoration

Hallway and dining room suffered water damage which was pulled up and an exact equivalent floor replaced to match the remaining area in the sitting room providing a seamless transition once sanded and wax oiled.

The beauty of wood flooring is that it can be fairly easy to renovate and restore.


Floors with only mild surface damage can often be brought back to good-as-new condition with a clean and by applying a Liquid wax cleaner. We offer a very competitive annual maintenance service which can help avoid the need to sand and reseal at some point in the future. Please ask for details of this expert service. Alternative we can supply recommended materials to enable do-it-yourself cleaning and maintenance.

For more details about maintenance for wood flooring please click here

“Thanks Andrew for sorting out our oak floor, we hadn’t done anything much to it since it was laid 4 years ago and now it looks great, we should have done it before! Many thanks.”
Mrs Harding, Welwyn, Herts


Floors can be sanded and resealed to return them to their former glory at a fraction of the cost of a new floor.

Damaged or missing sections can be replaced and existing floors can also be extended to provide a continuous surface from one room to another or within a space that previously had two types of flooring. This applies to both plank and block wood flooring where the whole area is sanded and refinished to match the previous colour, or a completely new finish, and the results achieved are outstanding.

These procedures can be carried out by our own team of experts and we will be pleased to offer advice. Please phone us for a quotation on renovation or complete restoration of your wood floor by our experienced staff.


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