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We import and supply floors from reputable manufacturers around the world and aim to source from suppliers we have visited and who share the same commercial and ethical standards as ourselves. We endorse the FSC principals, and all our products conform with the European Timber Regulations (EUTR) issued in March 2013.

The wood flooring has a surface treatment of a durable UV cured hard acrylic lacquer or a natural wax oil. We endeavour to ensure that the products we supply only contain substances not knowingly hazardous to health.

It is a condition of our guarantee that the floor is looked after properly according to our ”Flooring Maintenance” guidelines.

Room Conditions

To ensure the best from your wood flooring, and for your own well being, the room temperature should be between 18-24° C and the room humidity 45-65 %. The floor will adapt to its environment and therefore tend to expand in the more humid months and shrink again when the heating is on and the atmosphere is drier. You must expect some seasonal movement and possibly gaps between the boards, this will be more pronounced in solid wood floors than engineered. To ensure the humidity stays within these limits when the heating is on the use of a humidifier is recommended.

The flooring is dried to 8/10% moisture content and therefore ideal for most climatic conditions in European homes and public buildings. Solid wood floors should be allowed to acclimatise for about 5/7 days to these “normal living conditions”. Engineered boards are well wrapped before leaving the factory and do not generally require acclimatisation. They should however not be introduced to an environment that does not match the above conditions prior to laying or they may adapt to these conditions and then move extravagantly after installation. This will invalidate the guarantee.

In winter, especially when the temperature outside is 0°C or below, and the air is dry outside, we recommend the use of a humidifier, especially when the room temperature is high.


If a floor has any bounce or give in it the normal reason is an inadequately prepared subfloor, the finished floor will only be as good as the subfloor. The subfloor should have a fall of no more than +/- 3mm over 3.0m in any direction. The manufacturer, supplier and installer take no responsibility for an uneven subfloor, although we can help rectify this at extra cost.


Never use an excessive amount of water when cleaning your wood floor and follow our ”Flooring Maintenance” guidelines.

Removing stains

The fresher the stain the easier it is to remove. Use neutral detergent or diluted turpentine, methylated spirit or water when removing the stains from a lacquered wooden floor. If your floor is oiled, remove stains with a wax cleaner.


Samples are only meant as a guide and do not necessarily give an overall impression of the finished wood floor. Be sure you understand what is permitted within each grade.

Reconditioning the floor

If in the fullness of time the lacquer surface becomes worn through or dull, the floor can be sanded and re lacquered. Then your floor will be as good as new.

If you take care of your floor properly, it will last a lifetime. Oiled floors can be maintained and therefore it is possible to avoid the need to sand and refinish.

All the maintenance products necessary are available from Andrew Banks and we offer a comprehensive maintenance and reconditioning program if preferred.

General Guarantee Conditions

Generally, any faults with the flooring product are evident before they are laid. If the installer, contractor or Buyer feel that the flooring is the wrong colour, improperly manufactured, has finish problems or is off grade then the floor should not be installed. If you have any concerns that the flooring is not to your liking or does not match your expectations in some way DO NOT LAY the product and contact the supplier for replacement material, there may be a restocking charge if it is purely a case of a change of heart but please note we can only replace material that is in its original packaging. Any piece of flooring, once fitted, is deemed acceptable.

Wood is a natural material and standard industry practise allows for up to 5% of flooring shipped to have milling, finish and/or grade defects. This warranty applies only to material in excess of this 5%.

Wood flooring should be laid by experienced fitters using up to date equipment

No claims can be accepted on material that has been laid unless fitted by our approved fitters.

Andrew Banks reserves the right to rectify faulty flooring or to have it rectified by a third party, or to exchange it. If the flooring is to be exchanged the manufacturer has the right to determine the way it is to be returned. The cost of the repair will be refunded only. If the matter has been agreed beforehand and will cover only the floor

materials and repair work, not additional expenses such as decorating etc. Defects caused by faulty laying are not included in this guarantee unless our approved installers are used.

Indirect damage

Claims will strictly be limited to the value of the wood and installation cost – indirect damages or work are excluded without exception.

This guarantee does not effect consumer rights accorded by law or your

statutory rights. In the event of any complaint, refer to the conditions of

the guarantee re care of product etc. “Flooring Maintenance”

Guarantee for the surface

Andrew Banks guarantees the durability of the surface treatment (varnish or oil) for 12 months, if the product has been laid in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and our care instructions have been observed. This guarantee does not include damage cause by normal wear and tear, damage caused by high heels, indentations or scratches caused by negligence, improper use or maintenance, water damage or the like.

Structure guarantee

The products are guaranteed structurally for 12 months provided the product has been laid in residential areas and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions already mentioned. Industry standards allow a 3mm deflection in any board per 3m of length when set against a straight edge. If there is a genuine problem with the floor or the laying it will generally manifest itself within the first 12 months.

Underfloor Heating

All our engineered flooring can be installed over underfloor heating either as a floating floor, or glued to the subfloor. Manufacturer’s specific laying instructions should be followed. When we install the underfloor heating the thermostats are factory set to a maximum of 27° C and the temperature of the wooden floor surface should not be allowed to exceed this whoever supplies the UFH. We supply and fit Flexel electric underfloor heating and this is guaranteed for 10 years, if your underfloor heating is supplied by someone else you should check your manufacturer’s recommendations and follow their advice and guarantees. It is not recommended to install solid planks or engineered beech or birch wood flooring over underfloor heating.

Once floors have been laid and the UFH commissioned the the floor should not be covered by anything impermeable to heat or anything that traps the heat and prevents its release into the atmosphere. This will bake the floor.

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Congratulations on choosing an Andrew Banks wood floor. This guarantee covers the durability of the surface for 12 months from the date of purchase assuming normal use and wear and tear. The warranty is conditional with the product being laid and looked after with the manufacturer’s instructions and Andrew Banks guidelines

In the invent of a claim we will require the guarantee certificate and the receipt of purchase.

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